About Kalalaya

KALALAYA was founded in 1992 with a mission of promoting Indian arts and culture in the state of California. Now in existence for over 30 years, KALALAYA has become one of the premier world music institutions not only in California, but across the United States of America. In addition to presenting premier Classical Carnatic music, dance and light music programs by celebrated artists of India, KALALAYA ‘s goal is to also introduce Indian arts, crafts and culture, to children through lectures, demonstrations by visiting artists, workshops and summer heritage camp.

The distinct feature of this organization is its mission to reach out to the local community and bring both entertainment and education/outreach of Indian arts and culture to the residents of the State of California. KALALAYA also holds vocal classical music lessons at all levels in Fremont, California. KALALAYA is a nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization and was incorporated as a Public Benefit corporation in the State of California in 2015. Any donations or matching-contributions made to support KALALAYA are tax-deductible

Founder Kala Iyer

KALA IYER, residing in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 30 years, is the Founder/Director of KALALAYA, an Institution of Fine Arts and school in Fremont , California , dedicated to teaching Carnatic Vocal lessons at all levels. The school has presented several programs in the Bay Area. Kala has been mainly responsible for promoting Indian Classical/Light Music and Classical Dance in the United States through the mainstream of American audience.

Kala Iyer, a well known Carnatic vocalist in the Bay Area, majored in Music at Delhi University and is a holder of B.A. (Honors) Degree, where she did comparative studies on Indian and Western music. There she studied under Sri T.R. Subramaniam, and later studied under the great late Dr. M.L. Vasanthakumari. Kala draws from a repertoire of classical and semi-classical compositions.

Kala has appeared on All India Radio in Delhi and, since moving to the U.S., has performed several times in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Miami, and Cleveland. She has also accompanied as vocal support for several Bharathanatyam dance schools and individual dancers. She has presented several lecture demonstrations and performed a few Jugalbandhis.

Commitee Members

Kala Iyer
Founder - Director kalaiyer1@yahoo.com
Madhavanand Voduri
Director madhavanandv@gmail.com
Premsai Karthikayan
Resident Director premsaik@gmail.com
C.R. Viswanathan
Resident Director
Resident Director / Travel Coordinator sayanam@hotmail.com